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The map below represents the Kentucky Projects and their locations.  Historical topics and characters can be found within each county listed on each page.  The complete title list of projects can be found below, along with links to each region.   

Kentucky Projects & Maps

TAH Teacher

Deana Abbott

Kasey Bardin

Tonya Barnett

Bethany Briscoe

Kimberly Cecil

Justin Daniels

Dale Dodson

Pam Elkins

Laura Flinchum

Michael Flynn

Megan Freyer

Amy Gaines

Melissa Grant

Kacey King Huffaker

Chris Jackson

Carlotta Johns

Amy Kennedy

Andrea Lawler

Thea Long

Doug Martin

Brian McKinney

Courtney Nestor

Ashley Noe

Sharon Price

Rita Ramsay

Veronica Sengkhamyong

Matt Shafer

Amy Smith

Lana Sowders

Julia Staton

Jessica Wheeler

Rachael Yaden

Casey Young


Complete Title List of TAH Projects